Emmanuel Baptist Church – Newington, CT – Pastor Cary Schmidt

A Note of Thanks!

Good Thanksgiving morning! I hope you enjoyed the SNOW! This is my first “White Thanksgiving!”

I could’t go any farther into this day without pausing to say THANK YOU!

—Thank you for being a wonderful part of EBC!
—Thank you for loving Jesus and His people!
—Thank you for letting me be your pastor!
—Thank you for giving me patience to grow!
—Thank you for sharing the dream of a healthy church!
—Thank you for your faithfulness and devotion to Him!
—Thank you for advancing the gospel with us!
—Thank you for being encouraging friends and co-laborers!
—Thank you for opening your hearts to our family!
—Thank you for allowing me to teach you God’s Word!
—Thank you for your faithful generosity that makes ministry possible!

My prayer for you today and every day… 

—That Jesus’ grace would sustain and encourage you.
—That your hurts would be comforted by His heart.
—That your needs would be provided by His hand.
—That your worries would dissolve in His care.
—That your heart would cherish His presence.
—That your life would abound with His blessings.
—That your heart will rest in His acceptance.
—That your life would be captivated to worship Him.
—That His love would flow through you to bless others.
—That your Thanksgiving will be FANTASTIC!

Our family loves you and your family! We delight to know you, to serve you, to see God at work in your lives. Have an amazing THANKSGIVING!

Your friend,


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