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An UnRushed Moment…

EBC Family,

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying your beautiful Thursday morning! This morning has been a refreshing time with God, in study, and in prayer for you. I can’t wait for Sunday!

Our study of the book of Ecclesiastes (UnRushed) has been incredibly challenging to me! This is a rich book that drives us to JESUS and to living life in His wisdom! It sets us free from the futility and frustration of the rat race. It gives us an exit ramp off the hamster wheel of a system that devours us. It places us firmly in the fear and wisdom of God.

If you have missed any of the messages, you can catch up at EBCNewington.com. Each message is there, and can be revisited or shared with a friend. The gospel is presented in each one!

In case it hasn’t crossed your mind today—God is taking this journey with you! He knows your concerns today. He knows your worries, your challenges, your problems. He knows what’s going in around you and within you. He gets it. He feels it. And He’s waiting for you to make it all His! Seriously. Put it on Him. He’s really big. He can handle it. Just take the whole truck load of your worries and throw it all on His back. He can carry it all, and He can carry you as well!

Go ahead… do it. I’ll wait. Seriously… do it…

Ok—there. Now, doesn’t that feel lighter? Now you can do be free to be joyful. Fear God. Rest in Him. Enjoy your portion today. Live lighter, love better. See beyond “life under the sun” and remember that He is making something beautiful in your life—now and eternally. Today matters, but only in the light of His promises and His strength.

Right now—this season—is pretty special! Look up! Remember Him. Remember who He is and what He’s done for you. Remember that He cares more for you than you could ever care for yourself! Remember that He will be better to you than you ever could be. Remember that you are in the palm of His hand.

I would REALLY love to hear what God is doing in your heart through our present study, Unrushed. Are you growing? Are you making decisions? Are you discovering how to live lighter and love better? I know you’re busy, but click comment and share some quick thoughts of what God is doing in your heart. (Sometimes preaching and pastoring is a one-way conversation, and I would love a sneak-peak of the other side of the conversation.)

In closing, I say THANK YOU! I am so delighted and grateful to be your pastor and to serve Jesus with you. I’m deeply grateful for your faithfulness to the Lord and His church. It’s a high honor and privilege to be a part of what He is doing at EBC! Thank you for your steadfast encouragement in the work. Thank you for loving God’s Word and growing in His grace with us! Dana and I, and our family, consider it a great joy to call you FRIENDS and FAMILY!

Seriously—again—THANK YOU! You are AWESOME!

I love you and am praying for you! Have a great Thursday, and we’ll see you Sunday. Bring a friend to hear about Jesus!

Your friend,

Pastor Cary

Posted in EBC Blog on May 14, 2015.

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