Emmanuel Baptist Church – Newington, CT – Pastor Cary Schmidt

Connection Groups

What is Connection Group?

Christians in the New Testament enjoyed community—fellowship and friendship with one another. They cared for each other, encouraged each other, prayed together, supported one another, and served Jesus and His church together. They did the Christian life together—growing in God’s Word, building healthy relationships, and loving one another.

Jesus said it this way, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” (John 13:34-35)

Adult Connection Groups are designed to help you grow in grace and build strong Christian friendships. There’s a class designed for you and we hope you will visit a class this Sunday at 9:30am!

Singles Connection Groups

igniteSingles 18-25

A connection group designed for our post high school single adults. This class focuses on making right choices for a strong future.
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leaders: Steven & Amanda Montepeque

VentureSingles 25-40

A connection group for single adults. This class focuses on establishing healthy relationships, and experiencing God’s unique design for your life.
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leaders: Todd & Alison Sturgeon

ClearfocusMen 35+

A men’s class intent on helping you develop a strong relationship with God and godly friends.
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leader: Glenn Mason

futurefocusLadies 35+

This connection group is designed to help ladies of all walks of life to find two things in common: supportive friendships and a love for God.
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leader: Chris Bennett & Diane Boucher

Connection Groups for Couples & Seniors

1unionAges 20-35

Young couples face many new and unique challenges.  Discover friends who are looking for the same answers. This group is intent on helping couples develop a passionate marriage, a peaceful home, and a balanced life.
Group leaders: Derrick & Darci Williams

crazyloveAges 30-45

A couples class centered on staying in love while establishing a family. This class focuses on being intentional in relationships. The balance of humor, vulnerability, and Biblical practicality will leave you challenged and inspired to grow with friends!
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leaders: Steve & Glenda Methvin

LegacyAge 60+

This class is designed for seniors who are ready to grow! Discover how to make a difference and leave a Godly legacy for the next generation to follow.
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leaders: Bill & Ellie Bechter
Charley & Charlene Wright

emmanuelbibleclassAll Ages

This class is for all ages and life-stages and meets in the Worship Center.
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leaders: Dave & Amy Hunt

gemsSingle Moms

This class is designed for single moms who want to grow in God’s word together!
Wednesday– 7pm
Group leader: Diane Boucher

vitalSignsDeaf Ministry

This class is for the deaf, and is designed to help discover the truths of God’s Word in sign language.
Sunday– 9:30am
Group leader: Sandy Dauch

Connections for Children and Teens


Nursery 1—for infants up to walking. Nursery 2—for toddlers below age three. (Nurseries are directly across the lobby from the main auditorium.)

Kid City (Children)

Our children’s ministry is designed with your family in mind. It is designed to be Biblical, fun, friendly, and most of all— safe. Sundays – 9:30am | Wednesdays – 6:45pm

Group leaders: Sherwin & Melissa Santiago | Downstairs Classes

Elevate (Students)

Elevate is focused on developing our young adults into godly people. Authentic leaders and practical lessons will help give them the tools they need to discover God’s best for their future. Sundays – 9:30am | Wednesdays – 7pm

Group leader: Lance Schmidt | Teen Room