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New Sermon Series at EBC this Fall!

Hey! I have three quick questions for you…

First, do you ever get scared or nervous about sharing your faith with others? (ME TOO!)

Second, when you read the Bible, do you know where you are, what it means, and how it connects to the whole? (FOR ME, IT’S HARD TO GET!)

Third, do your circumstances ever threaten to kill your joy in life? (ME TOO!)

Ok, now that we know we all deal with these same basic struggles, here’s what I’m excited about! In the coming weeks are are diving into three studies that will help us dramatically in all three of these areas!

I hope your Summer has been WONDERFUL! We’ve had an amazing summer of ministry. and have labored diligently to prepare for you and serve you well this Fall!

Join us for three helpful and powerful sermon series at Emmanuel! And be sure to share the podcast or media page with friends so they can listen on a device or online.

First, On Mission—Simple Steps to Sharing Jesus!


In this series we are examining the work of sharing the gospel, and frankly, how we as Christians tend to over-complicate it in our minds. In fear or insecurity, we miss the delight and joy of sharing the most powerful and beautiful message of hope and joy that the world has ever known! We’re learning how to engage in an “on mission” life—personally and corporately. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 for Adult Connection Groups (discussing the previous Sunday’s message)

Second, Biblically Literate—Grasping God’s Grand Story!


Our church is filled with believers (both new and “not so new”) who really never grasped the BIG PICTURE of the Bible. Too often the Bible and our reading of it is disconnected, hard to understand, and complex. This series will break it down for us “regular people” and help us understand God’s Word at a whole new level! Join us and take your “biblical literacy” to new heights! We will understand God’s narrative with new clarity—how each book and section of the Bible connects to the others, and how it all changes our lives today. Don’t miss this insightful study, Sunday Nights at 6pm!

Bonus: Confident Joy—Philippians Verse by Verse


From a prison cell, the Apostle Paul writes his friends in Philippi and says “I’m rejoicing and you can too!” Concerned for their joy, in spite of their hardship, He gives them answers for being joyful in a brutal world. In this book we are discovering that joy is not a product of circumstances, it’s a product of internal choices. We are learning how Jesus alone can anchor our hearts in an unpredictable world. Join us Wednesday Nights at 7pm!

It’s a lot of fun to grow in grace in a healthy, loving church family! 

I love you, pray for you, and can’t wait to grow in grace with you this Fall! I hope to see you tomorrow morning!

Your friend,

Pastor Cary

PS—Don’t forget, nursery, children’s ministry, and deaf interpretation is offered during all services! 

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