Emmanuel Baptist Church – Newington, CT – Pastor Cary Schmidt

Thanks to YOU!

EBC Family,

The thanks belongs to YOU!

—you wake up to a daily battle of depletion, yet still press forward.
—you exhaust yourself all week long, but still attend church.
—you want to sleep in, but you choose worship instead.
—you repress 1,000 things screaming for priority, and still make Jesus first.
—you give sacrificially, and then trust God with your needs.
—you look beyond your own challenges, and invite that friend to hear the gospel.
—you overwhelm discouraging emotions with relentless faith.
—you stand fast in a world that works hard to destabilize you.
—you face endless laundry and chores, yet you find time to love Jesus and people.
—you choose to smile and face the day, when you really want to crawl back into bed.
—you rejoice in a healthy church, and encourage others.
—you fight the slush to hear the Word.
—you are tired of the fight, but full of faith at the same time.
—you see a world falling apart, but find reason to rejoice in hope.
—you overwhelm the complaints of your mind with the praise of your heart!
—you make church pretty wonderful!

Sounds a lot like Philippians 1:27 to me! “…stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel;”

One more thing.


Thank you! Have a great Wednesday!

Your praying friend,


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