Week 1 (January 17th)

Praying for Our Hearts
–       Confession before God
–       God’s work in my life
–       Consistency in my walk with God
–       Focus on God’s promises
–       Right responses to my challenges
–       Re-gatherings (at the right time) as COVID declines
–       Heart of gratitude

Week 2 (January 24th)

Praying for Gospel Ministry
–        Opportunities to witness
–        More souls to be saved
–        Boldness for believers to invite their friends to church
–        New believers to take their next step
–        The Gospel’s expanded influence in our community and region
–        Sermon series “Rhythms”
–        Online engagement with church services

Week 3 (January 31st)

Praying for Global Missions
–       Local church planters (D. Sevigne, R. Martinez, A. Browning, A. Stafford, K.
Birdsong, K. Baker)
–       Grand opening of Amirah
–       Hartford Rescue Mission building repairs from flood
–       ABC Women’s Center/ Intervarsity CCSU
–       Protection and provision for our missionaries
–       Fruit and encouragement for our missionaries
–       Media outreach around the world

Week 4 (February 7th)

Praying for Vision Projects
–       Restroom renovations
–       God’s provision for future projects
–       Church parking lot repaving and repair
–       Church exterior beautification project
–       School roof repair
–       New playground construction
–       Wisdom and direction in renovation decisions

Week 5 (February 14th)

Praying for Our Church
–       eGroups 1st quarter
–       Growth Track classes and new believers
–       Nursery, Kids, Teen Ministry
–       Worship ministry
–       Emmanuel Christian Academy staff
–       Church staff and leaders
–       New believers being discipled and growing forward
–       Development of new leaders

Week 6 (February 21st)

Praying for Our Church Family
–       Those battling or recovering from COVID
–       Those battling cancer or other illnesses
–       Those in job transition or needing employment
–       Those who have lost loved ones this past year
–       Connections and care unfolding through the pandemic
–       Strength and health for our entire church family
–       Spiritual maturity and growth this year

Week 7 (February 28th)

Praying for Future Vision
–       Developing future ministry leaders
–       Enough for Today daily outreach
–       Pastors to be equipped and encouraged through In the Gospel
–       Media ministry
–       Vision offering
–       Wisdom in developmental decisions and direction
–       Safe and greater capacity church re-gatherings

Week 8 (March 7th)

Thanking God for His Answers
–       Safe gatherings this past year
–       Online services reaching many people
–       New believers growing in discipleship this year
–       Those saved and baptized this past year
–       God’s provision for our church and school this past year
–       God’s additions to our church and school this year
–       Completed restoration projects
–       1st quarter eGroups leading into a new quarter

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