Regathering Update

We are pleased to take additional steps toward regathering fully.
This has been a slow road forward requiring us to be careful and
flexible. Thankfully, God’s church has always been resilient,
and our church enjoys a strong spirit of unity.

Sunday—as of April 11th:
1—Worship Services: 9am & 10:30am
2—EBC Kids, Nurseries and Teens: 9am & 10:30am
3—Safety Measures Continue For All Gatherings
4—Online Streaming Continues for All Services

Wednesdays at 7pm—Beginning March 31st:
1—Adult Groups Onsite & Online
2—Elevate Teens & EBCKids Onsite
3—Safety Measures Continue For All Gatherings
4—Online Bible Study Streaming “The Hopeful Life

In light of the improving COVID situation, the following transitions are in effect as of April 11th…

1. We are returning to two worship services—9am and 10:30am.
We ask those who were attending at noon to choose one of the earlier services.

2. We are moving Sunday groups start-time to 9:30, which will facilitate a more efficient transition into the 10:30 worship service.

3. We will offer teen class at 10:30am rather than 9am. We encourage families to worship together and then perhaps serve second hour, whatever is best for your needs. (Teens continue to have their Elevate Bible Study every Wednesday at 7pm.)

4. We will continue all online ministry, and continue to encourage social distancing and masks coming and going (for now). Hopefully in a short time we will be able to lose the masks and return to normal social interactions.

5. We are returning our bookstore-cafe to more normal operations with self-service counters and refreshments.

I love you and pray your week is going well! I am overjoyed to see our church resume in so many healthy ways. It is especially exciting to see team reengage in serving others. If you are on a team, thank you! If not, talk with one of our pastoral staff this week, and we will help you serve Jesus’ body and this community.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Cary

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